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Tootja: Pulsar
Mudel: ARAD2
Saadavus: Laos
Intended use Due to its design, the ARAD2 enclosure is intended for mounting inside RACK 19"" cabinets. This general-purpose enclosure may serve as an auxiliary element for integrating CCTV, AC, I&HAS, RTV, LAN systems in RACK 19"" cabinets. It is intended for mounting alarm control panels, AC controllers, power supply units, batteries, etc.
Mounting dimensions W=19", H=2U
Materials sheet metal DC01, 1mm thick, RAL9005
Static load 60kg
Tampering protection against unwanted opening of the enclosure
Notes - two-point fixing on the front RACK rails
- 2 M6 screws with cage nuts included
- the enclosure contains a mounting plate
- sliding enclosure - fully extendable
- for mounting inside a RACK cabinet, use ARAS rails
accordingly to the cabinet’s depth:
ARAS600 for RACK cabinets D=600 deep,
ARAS800 for RACK cabinets D=800 deep,
ARAS1000 for RACK cabinets D=1000 deep
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