Teie ostukorv on tühi!

Toiteplokk metallkastis 13,8V / 3A (17Ah)

Tootja: Pulsar
Mudel: AWZ333
Saadavus: Laos

Power supply 230VAC/50Hz

Power supply output
3A/13,8VDC - for general application
1,4A/13,8VDC - for grade 1, 2

Battery charging current 0,4A/0,9A

Fitting battery17Ah/12V

Protections SCP, OLP, OVP, UVP*, tamper (opening of the enclosure)

Technical outputs OC type EPS - 230V power failure AC, PSU - power supply failure, LoB – low battery voltage

Compliance with the standards EN50131-6

Dimensions W=230 H=300 D=90+8 mm

Notes surface mounted enclosure, locking – bolted

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