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Mudel: FIRERAY 3000 SYS
Saadavus: Laos

Liinianduri kontroller koos 1 anduriga saatja/vastuvõtjaga (max 4 andurit)

The FIRERAY 2000 is an active infra-red smoke detector. The system comprises of three base elements, i.e. a transmitter, receiver, and Control Unit. Analysis of the modulated infra-red beam by the Control Unit determines whether smoke is  present, and if so generates an alarm signal.
The FIRERAY 2000 units can, optionally, be powered directly from a MINERVA loop using the LPBD520 Loop Powered Beam Detector Module. This can significantly reduce wiring costs.
The FIRERAY 2000 system with its improved design, compact transmitter and receiver is ideal for use in aesthetically designed areas or where ornate and historic ceilings make the use of pointtype detection impractical.
Art.No.: 0231FFA2000
Detection Range 10 - 100 m
Degree of Protection IP54
Supply Voltage 11.5 - 28 V DC
Current Consumption (standby mode) <15 mA
Current Consumption (hazard mode) <20 mA
Weight Control unit 2.25 kg, bracket 0.1 kg, transmitter/receiver 0.4kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) Transmitter/receiver 95x75x115 mm; control panel 260x210x80 mm; bracket 87x148x14 mm
Working Temperature, C° -10 - +55


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