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Juno-net 3 I/O moodul

Mudel: 3 I/O
Saadavus: Laos

3 x sisend/väljund moodul 

The Triple Input/Output Module is a fully monitored device which permits the interfacing of third party equipment with the Fire Alarm Control panel using three normally open dry contact connections while also providing three changeover output relays to control ancillary equipment.

The interface is used to monitor the contacts of an external system which must be interfaced to the Fire Alarm System, for example a Flow Switch in a sprinkler system to indicate if the sprinklers have been activated. The output relays can be programmed to close fire doors, activate smoke removal systems, etc.

Art.No.: 3 I/O
Supply Voltage 17 - 30 V DC
Current Consumption (standby mode) 1.2 mA
Current Consumption (hazard mode) 6.2 mA
Weight 205 g with box
Dimensions (WxHxD) 87.8x72.7x20 mm
Working Temperature, C° 0 - +40


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