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EVOHD+ Central Station 8 (up to 192) zones, 5 PGMs (up to 250), 8 guard areas; 999 user codes; 32 doors, Records up to 3584 events in memory; Expandable: 254 expansion modules; Maximum number of remote controls 999 (RTX3 required); Integrated access control functions; Supports GSM/GPRS/IP150/VDMP3; Power supply 2.5A, 16 Vac 40/75 VA, -10 to 55 °C, GRADE 3, Class II, Works with EVO192 compatible devices.

EVOHD+ is an enhanced version of EVOHD with two SERIAL ports that communicate twice as fast as the previous version. SERIAL 1 is the primary channel and SERIAL 2 is the backup channel for transmitting events. Panels from the + series offer a safer and faster software upgrade option as they retain previous software in memory in case a software upgrade fails. The hardware and power supply part has been updated and adapted for gel batteries. The management of BUS modules has been changed so that they are not immediately deleted from the system after being scanned, but are added to the guarantee. This ensures that the situation before the scan can be restored if necessary. The EVOHD+ panel has a maximum AUX (auxiliary output) current rating of 2.5A (75VA transformer required) and battery deep discharge protection.


  • 192 zones
  • 8 guard sector
  • 999 user codes
  • 5 outputs (PGM)
  • Up to 254 expansion modules can be added
  • AUX 2.5A max. (requires 75VA transformer)
  • Efficient battery charging up to 1,5A
  • A digital bus line allowing power supply and control of expansion modules and two-way communication with the modules.
    • Easy to add addressable sensors
    • Integrated swab (lid contact) control without additional connections.


PGM possibilities:

  • Four outputs with voltage (1-4) and one output with 5A relay (5)
  • The first output can be configured as a two-wire smoke detector input.
  • Manufacturer: Paradox
  • Model: EVOHD+
  • SKU: 4093

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