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The PRT3 allows the Paradox alarm system to be interfaced (e.g. KNX) with home automation. Compatible with EVO series or DGP-848 (4.11 or higher). Transmits information between the central device and the home automation using ASCII or C-Bus protocol.


  • Supports ASCII/C-BUS protocol
  • 16 virtual inputs allowing to trigger an operation on the EVO control panel, which receives information/events from the external system via ASCII or C-BUS protocol.
  • 30 virtual outputs (PGM) that allow to trigger an event using the ASCII/C-BUS protocol from an event received from the EVO central unit.
  • USB port for PC (computer) connection
  • Interface between the EVO central unit and third-party peripherals
  • Compatible with printer
  • Can be assigned to one or more watch areas
  • 2048 event memory
  • Manufacturer: Paradox
  • Model: PRT3
  • SKU: 4333

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