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Juno-net I/O moodul

Mudel: I/O
Saadavus: Laos
Sisend/väljund moodul

The Addressable Input/Output Module is a fully monitored device which permits the interfacing of third party equipment with the Fire Alarm Control panel using normally open dry contact connections while also providing a changeover output relay to control ancillary equipment.

The connection to the input is monitored for fault (open or short circuit) and Alarm conditions. The output relay can be powered from the detection loop (default) or optionally by an external 24V DC supply. Relay operation is confirmed by an onboard yellow LED. The interface is used to monitor the contacts of an external system which must be interfaced to the Fire Alarm System, for example a Flow Switch in a sprinkler system to indicate if the sprinklers have been activated or extinguishant level monitoring in Gas Extinguishing systems etc.

The output relay can be programmed to close fire doors, activate smoke removal systems etc. The factory default setting is for the relay to receive its operating power from the Loop. When in this operating mode the on board 2-way D.I.L. switches has both switches in the ON position. If the relay output is to be powered by an external supply, then both switches should be in the OFF position. In this case the coil of the relay output is completely isolated from the loop.

An 8 way D.I.L. switch is provided to configure the module's address. This value can be set in the range 1 to 125.

Art.No.: I/O
Supply Voltage 17 - 30 V DC
Current Consumption (standby mode) 12 mA
Current Consumption (hazard mode) 0.75 mA
Weight 155 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 58.1x52.1x20 mm
Working Temperature, C° 0 - +40



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